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Shannon De Lima X Palladio Beauty Group

This Palladio Ultimate Eyeshadow is filled with my favorite colors and finishes. I wanted to create a versatile eyeshadow palette that could literally transform your look from playful to sophisticated, depending on your mood! It was super important to me that this product be vegan, talc-free, and would look amazing for people of all ages and skin types.

“I hope you love my palette as much as I do! xoxo – Shannon”

Shannon De Lima

Limited edition 18-count eyeshadow palette curated by Shannon De Lima delivers buttery, mood-boosting colors in a mix of velvety matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes that blend like a dream. These talc-free vegan eyeshadows are cruelty-free and infused with Green Tea and Vitamin E.

Talc-Free, Vegan Eyeshadow

• Creamy & highly pigmented formula

• Blendable & buildable shades

• Matte, Shimmer & Metallic Shades

• Talc-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben & Gluten-free

• Infused with Green Tea & Vitamin E

18 Count Vegan Eyeshadow includes Mirror ($25 MSRP)

Increasing our Audience Globally

Limited edition products in the makeup industry, especially those endorsed by celebrities or developed in collaboration with a brand, have become increasingly important in broadening the reach and audience of global brands. Products like the 18 Count Eyeshadow collaboration appeal to consumers who are always looking for something new and exciting. Celebrity endorsements bring a level of glamour and prestige to a product, making it more desirable to fans who want to emulate their favorite stars. Collaborations with brands also provide an opportunity for a brand to tap into a different market or demographic, expanding its customer base. These limited-edition products often create buzz and excitement, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.

Launching Globally

The global product launch of the limited edition 18-count eyeshadow collaboration between Palladio and Shannon De Lima has caused a stir in the beauty world. Shannon De Lima, the famous model and actress has lent her name and expertise to create a stunning palette that has already garnered a loyal following.

The palette features 18 unique shades that are perfect for creating a wide range of eye looks, from subtle to dramatic. The launch has been a huge success, with the product selling quickly in stores and online. The eyeshadow is currently available at Cromantics in Colombia, and Sally Beauty in the USA, and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting its arrival in their own countries.